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What materials should I provide to Permanent?
Please provide print-ready files either as high-resolution PDFs or native layout files (InDesign or others) linked with high-resolution images (usually 300 DPI). Please include the bleed allowance, crop marks (see printing terms) and all fonts. We require CMYK files instead of RGB (see printing terms). If you’re unsure whether your files meet the above criteria, you can send us a few sample pages in advance for our review and we will advise you on the suitability of the files.


What paper do you use for printing?
There are 2 major types of paper used for printing – coated paper or uncoated paper. We suggest coated paper for books printed in full CMYK color with a lot of color images. For coated paper, you can choose between glossy coating and matte coating. 


Uncoated paper is traditionally used for black ink printing, but in recent years, ore people are using it for full CMYK printing as well. Since there is no coating, the paper absorbs more of the ink, resulting in a more saturated color. 


Our paper also comes in different weights (thickness). You can indicate what weight you need when you ask for a quote.


Does your price include the supply of color proofs?
Yes – our price already includes the supply of Epson color proofs and/or ink press proofs.


When will I receive the color proofs?
We will supply color proofs for you to review the color as well as the content prior to printing. In most cases, the proofs we supply will be Epson matchprints generated by proof plotters. This is a very economical method of proofing, used widely by printers all over the world. However, you can also request for press proofs (color proofs made on actual printing paper with actual printing ink). There is an additional fee for press proofs but they provide a more accurate way of proofing, especially for jobs that are printed on uncoated paper, jobs with spot (PMS) color printing, or jobs with special effects. 1 set of color proofs will usually be sent to you by Fedex or UPS overnight.


You can make corrections to the color and content after reviewing the color proofs. However, if these corrections are not due to the printer’s fault, we will charge a fee for any additional rounds of hard copy color proofs that you require.


How are the finished products shipped to me?
If you want to use your own forwarder, then our price will be FOB Hong Kong only, meaning that our price will not include the shipping costs. Otherwise, our price includes shipping the finished order to you by sea (CIF nearest sea port to you). However, this does not include costs for custom clearance, all unloading charges at the destination port, and costs of trucking the goods from the unloading port to your address. If you need us to arrange any of the aforementioned services, let us know and we will happily check with our forwarder and provide a quote for the additional costs.


What is your production schedule?
We manage the production time to suit your delivery schedule. Prior to printing, we list out the estimated production times for each stage, based on the specifications of your order. Please get in touch with us for an estimated schedule. 


How can I monitor the productions and manage the quality of my order?
We will communicate closely with you and provide timely updates on your printing order. For example, before actual printing begins, color proofs are sent to our clients by courier, and our professional representatives will explain and answer any questions our clients may have about the proofs. In addition, we can provide samples of different paper stocks and dummies based on the selected paper types. We continue to communicate and answer questions as the product goes through printing, finishing and even shipping. This way, our clients are fully aware of the progress of their order, and can therefore monitor the quality of their products.

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